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Line Kjaersfeldt – a rare determination

Line Kjaersfeldt – a rare determination
1 June 2017

Line Kjaersfeldt - a rare determination

Line Kjærsfeldt has a rare determination. A determination that has enabled her to achieve great results, such as her victory at the European Games in Baku where she took the gold medal in Ladies Singles.

Line has won the national championship in Denmark in both 2015 and 2016, but her goal is to reach the top internationally, and we have great faith in her ability to do so.

The first time Line had a badminton racket in her hand was when she was 8 years old. The interest towards badminton came from her mum and dad who used to play and therefore she wanted to try it.

Line played in Aarhus badminton club until 2014, but then she moved to Værløse Badminton Club.

Line’s future in badminton is looking bright and we are excited to see what great results she can achieve in the future. Her technique on court and her rare determination will guide her to greater success in the years to come.