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Power Series

Power Series
31 May 2017

We give you POWER!


We introduce a line of rackets for the attacking player, that wants more power in the shots, and finish the rallies fast. The Power racket series is one of the most popular FZ FORZA racket series at the moment.

New improved features in the power series will enhance players’ power allowing them to hit harden attacking strokes and excel smash winners. The series is characterized by its focus on power and accuracy.

This power badminton rackets are made with our 88 hole string system except Power 996 relaunshing our innovative and recognized 96 hole string system.


The power series is inspired by the successful Titanium 11.000, and has FZ FORZA Power 988 with 4 different flex points securing a perfect match regardless of the badminton player’s level. Choose between a very stiff, stiff, medium or flexible shaft and you will have a racket perfect for your game.

Pick the shaft that fits your style of play, and prepare to dominate with power on the badminton court.

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