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The FZ FORZA Titanium Series offers superior playing capabilities with its 88 hole string system for extra power and feel. We give you rackets for elite players and players aspiring to get to the top.

The Titanium 11.000 is made with a new 826 aerodynamic frame for more power and speed. The 826 frame combines the benefits of the hexa and octagon shape, and gives you both increased strength in the racket, while being thinner on top. The frame decreases air-resistance combined with less torque making it a precise, fast and durable weapon on court.

When using titanium for rackets the combination of graphite and titanium increases the racket’s durability and gives the racket increased control. The titanium line is for those who want rigid rackets with increased control.

Titanium 11.000 is made with 4 different flex points securing a perfect match regardless of the badminton player’s level. Choose between a very stiff, stiff, medium or flexible shaft and you will have a racket perfect for you.

The Titanium 11.000 VS is a very stiff racket and recommended for tournament players with great skills. The stiff titanium racket also offers you superior accuracy and is the weapon of choice for very technical, skillful players that generate a lot of power and are looking for good balance, accuracy and power.

With the Titanium 11.000 M (medium) we offer the benefits of a top racket but with a normal shaft to offer intermediate and everyday players the same benefits but in a less aggressive version. We also offer the racket with a flexible shaft for the players needing help generating a bit more power.